File 28-03-2017, 16 58 22Hello there! And welcome to my blog! I thought it would be good to have a page to tell you a little bit about myself and what ‘Acorn Bakes’ is.

So my name is Curtis Nathaniel Stevens and I’m a pastry chef from Altrincham, Cheshire, which is a town south of Manchester in the UK.

I studied professional cookery at college when I left school and shortly after I got one of my first jobs as a commis chef at a tea room in the city. I always heard that being a commis chef was horrible, like you’d be given all the rubbish jobs no one wanted to do in the kitchen, but the team never made me feel like I was less than them and really encouraged me to learn. I got promoted to pastry chef after about a year. While working I studied hospitality & event management, professional patisserie and a short course in counselling skills (because why not?).

I learnt the majority of what I know about cake and pastry from my head of pastry, James Boswell, who was (and still is) the absolute best friend and teacher to learn from and work with. If I had any questions or I wanted to learn how to make something he would always find the time in work to teach me which I am so grateful for. Even though I don’t work there anymore I can always text him if I have a baking disaster and he’ll (annoying) always have an answer as to why. So James, (if you ever read this) Thank you Mr!

Other than baking I’m obsessed with pop culture, music and addicted to ‘The Real Housewives’ franchises. And naps, love my naps.

What is ‘Acorn Bakes’? And what’s with the weird name and logo?

‘Acorn Bakes’ to me, is basically just a fun project for me to be creative in the kitchen and teach others how to do what I do, all while not taking any of this too seriously.

The name (and logo) has come from my little cake business I run from home which is called ‘Acorn Bakery’. Originally I was thinking of ‘Acorn Bakes’ being a sister entity to the business and I’d promote the business via my YouTube Channel at some point…. But I’m having way to much fun doing all this ‘Acorn Bakes’ stuff and I don’t want it to be anything (eye rolls) professional and serious. Plus they seem like complete different things when I think about it, one I’m trying to sell my cakes to local people and the other I’m teaching and just having fun so I want it to be separate for now. It makes sense to me for it to be like that anyway.

I chose the ‘Acorn’ part of the name because I like the whole saying of “from tiny acorns grow mighty oaks” which is basically what I want my network to do, plus I didn’t want it to be called ‘Curtis Bakes’ or something like that because I’m quite shy and I’d rather be the enigma behind the fun squirrel logo.

That’s pretty much all I have to tell! If you have any questions please do get it touch and let me know!

I hope you enjoy this blog and my Youtube Channel! And please don’t feel shy to connect with me.

  • Curtis Xx

(Any enquiries please email me at curtisnstevens@gmail.com)